Ca'Salina Giorgia Sparkling Wine Brut Nature
Ca'Salina Giorgia Sparkling Wine Brut Nature

Ca'Salina Giorgia Sparkling Wine Brut Nature

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A very special sparkling wine made by Ca'Salina, one of the top Prosecco wineries in Valdobbiadene.  Giorgia has no added sugar and no added sulphites, the chemical thought to give you headaches and hangovers. The wine is made from the same grapes as used to make Prosecco, Glera.  However, it is not Prosecco as Giorgia has a different taste due to its slightly different production method. 

The taste is similar to a combination of Prosecco, Cava and Champagne style with hints of apple, peach, acacia as well as honey and toasty notes.  The taste is very clean and refreshing on palate.

Specially selected by Just Perfect Wines as Giorgia is simply stunning in our opinion.  We find many others that taste it share the same opinion.

  • Sweetness: Brut Nature
  • Residual Sugar: 3 grams/litre
  • ABV: 11.5%
  • Grape(s): Glera
  • Food pairing: Lovely as an aperitif or with fatty/salty foods such as cheese, salamis, seafood or fish.

All wines have a natural level of sulphites and most have a level of added sulphites.  Sulphites is used as a preservative to stop anything bad in the the wine (eg, bacteria, fungus, bad natural yeast etc) causing the wine to go off.   Ca'Salina removes anything which might be bad by purifying the wine and so no added sulphites are needed.  Giorgia has a natural level of sulphites of just 10 ppm. 

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