Kirkwood Distillery





Kirkwood Distillery is a craft producer based in Ludlow, Shropshire owned and run by Scott Kirkwood.  Although Scott wouldn't be mistaken for a local (originally from Ohio, USA), he is very proud of Ludlow, a beautiful place he now calls home. 

Every drop of spirit used in his products is produced at his distillery in Stanton Lacy. He never uses bought-in spirit of any kind (as the majority of other Gin distillers do) for his 'honest Shropshire Spirit'.  The base spirit is made with local Shropshire and Herefordshire grain with the help of a local brewery.   Producing the base spirit gives the Kirkwood Gins a very smooth, superior base.

Scott forages for natural, local botanicals from the Shropshire Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley with the permission from the National Trust.  The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre gave him permission to forage from the Onny Meadows.

Scott's distillery is located in a listed farm building behind the church in picturesque Stanton Lacy. The timber framed building sits on the Earl of Plymouth estate, overlooking the river Corve and in the shadow of the Shropshire Hills (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). With good local ingredients combined with great care and attention to detail, Kirkwood Distillery makes a truly local spirit from the abundance of this area.  A truly Honest Shropshire Spirit.

Here at Just Perfect Wines we recognise that the Kirkwoods Gins offer something special and different.  We have selected the Whinberry Gin Liqueur and Hillside Gin for our portfolio.  The Gins complement our range of artisan products, in particular a drop of the Whinberry Gin Liqueur is a great pairing with our Prosecco and sparkling wines to create a fruity pink fizz cocktail.  

The award-winning Hillside Gin is a dry gin.  An incredibly smooth gin with an ABV of 46%.   Hillside Gin won a Great Taste Star in 2019. 


The Whinberry Gin Liqueur is made using Hillside Gin as the base, with the addition of Shropshire Whinberries (also known as Bilberries, Whortleberries and a few other names).  It gives a luscious and fruity liqueur, just perfect for sipping, mixing with tonic, lemonade, pressé or one of our Proseccos.


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