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Prosecco and Fizz Preservers

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Our brilliant expansion GRIP fizz preservers really work in preserving the bubbles in your fizz for longer.   Yes, sometimes there is a need for fitting a fizz preserver in the bottle in the unlikely event it wasn't finished.   The stopper expands to fit most different size bottles whether that be Prosecco, Champagne, English Sparkling Wine, Cava and still wine bottles to give an air tight seal.  We can't guarantee the stopper will fit every bottle, but it will fit the majority.

As the stoppers give an air tight seal, it means you can lay your bottle down horizontal in your fridge without the risk of leaks.  A great item for a Prosecco lover.  Just perfect as a stocking filler gift too.

The closures work really well, so be very careful when removing them as the pressure builds up and typically comes off with some force and a bang.  Point the bottle away from any people or animals when removing the closure.  Push the closure down and release slowly when releasing.

Available in multiple colours: Pink, Red and Black.



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