Furlan winery

The Furlan winery was established by Nonno Amedeo Furlan in 1930.  It is the result of the work of an agricultural family deeply rooted in this land.  Since then, the winery has been handed down to the nephews Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno, who in respect for tradition have been able to take Furlan into the future. 

Furlan are situated in Veneto,  the superior Prosecco region of Northern Italy.  They have vineyards which stretch across the DOCG and DOC areas.

The vineyards extend between the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene, DOC Treviso and DOC Piave areas.  The distinctiveness of these lands, the morainic hills of Conegliano and the stony plain of Piave, make it possible for Furlan to produce wines with a unique flavour and diverse aroma, which truly expresses the essence of the terroir.

 Furlan winery at night

Furlan produce a wide range of extraordinary Prosecco and sparkling wines, available in different levels of sweetness, styles and sizes.  Click on the links below to find out more:

Furlan's wines are also available in our giftware range and mixed cases.  Find out more here.   

Furlan Prosecco Superiore and Riedel's Prosecco Superiore glass