Pink Fizz Discovery Box - A mixed case of 6 x Sparkling Rosé Wines from Italy and England
Pink Fizz Discovery Box
Pink Fizz Discovery Box
Pink Fizz Discovery Box
Pink Fizz Discovery Box
Pink Fizz Discovery Box
Ca'Salina Sparkling Pink Moscato

Pink Fizz Discovery Box

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A fabulous selection of premium sparkling pink wines from 2 Italian and 3 English producers.   You will receive 6 different sparkling rosés wines of varying sweetness levels, mostly on the dry side.  Enjoy the experience of discovering each different pink fizz.  They are best enjoyed in a diamond or egg shaped glass which will accentuate the aromas and taste, rather than a restrictive narrow flute.   The collection features, in order of sweetness:

1) Ca'Salina - Brutissimo - Moscato Sparkling Rosé - Extra Brut

A beautiful and elegant, very dry sparkling Moscato by CaSalina of Valdobbiadane, Northern Italy.   Brutissimo has a beautiful rose petal colour with delicate aromas of strawberry jam, peach, vanilla and citrus fruits.  

Specially selected by Just Perfect Wines as it is a surprisingly great wine especially given the very low sugar level.   Moscato is typically a sweet wine, so it is very out of the ordinary and special to be able to offer a very dry, Extra Brut style.

  • Sweetness: Extra Brut (very dry)
  • Residual Sugar: 0 grams/litre
  • ABV: 11% 
  • Grape: Incrocio Manzoni Moscato (a cross of Moscato d’Amburgo and Raboso Piave)
  • Region: Valdobbiadene
  • Food Pairing: Ideal as an aperitif, excellent with sushi and sea food.

2) Busi Jacobsohn English Sparkling Rosé - Brut

This beautiful Rosé sparkling wine has delicate fresh fruit notes of cranberry, raspberry, apples and some savoury notes.  It is dry with body and slightly oaked.   

This fine English Quality Sparkling Wine is made using the traditional method, which is how Champagne is produced.   It is made with finest quality Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. 

  • Sweetness:  Extra Brut
  • Residual Sugar: 4.6 grams/litre
  • ABV: 12%
  • Vintage: 2018 / 19
  • Grape(s): Pinot Noir (78%) and Pinot Meunier (22%) - 7% is oak barreled
  • Region: East Sussex, UK
  • Food Pairing: Goes well with heavy food like guinea fowl and also with cheese. This is a wine for food as well as an aperitif.

     3) Lyme Bay Winery - English Sparkling Rosé - Brut

    An exceptional multi award-winning Rosé English Sparkling Wine by Lyme Bay Winery.  Beautiful aromas of wild strawberries, pepper and redcurrants with a touch of brioche.  A smooth and perfectly balanced acidity and sugar level.  

    • Sweetness: Brut 
    • Residual Sugar: 5.4 grams/litre
    • ABV: 12% 
    • Grape(s): Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier
    • Region: Axminster, Devon, UK.  Vineyards: Crouch Valley (Essex), Martins Lane (Essex)
    • Food Pairing: Creamy leek and chicken risotto or a feta salad for something lighter. Or serve as an aperitif with delicate canapés.

    4) Fitz Pink - English Sparkling Wine - Brut

    A fabulous award-winning English sparkling pink wine made by Fitz of West Sussex.  A beautiful, vibrant raspberry pink colour with an ambundence of red fruits on the nose.  Fitz Pink has a dry and fruity, refreshing taste on the palate.  Smooth and a pleasure to drink.

    Fitz sparkling wine is made using the Charmat method, the same production method as Prosecco so therefore has a similar light and fruity style.

    • Sweetness: Brut
    • Residual Sugar: 6 grams/litre
    • ABV: 12%
    • Grape(s): Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner, Madeleine Angevine, Pinot Noir, Rondo
    • Region: West Sussex, UK
    • Food Pairing: Light and delicate foods.

    5) Furlan - Sparkling Rosé - Brut

    A stunning sparkling rosé wine with wonderful aromas of fresh strawberries and summer red fruits.  It has a beautiful pale salmon pink colour and on the palate hints of fresh strawberries and cream.  

    Specially selected by Just Perfect Wines as it is, in our opinion and many others, simply stunning.  A firm favourite. 

    • Sweetness: Brut
    • Sugar: 12 grams/litre
    • Volume: 12% 
    • Grapes: 70% Glera, 27% Manzoni Bianco, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Production area: Veneto
    • Food Pairing: Excellent with salami and appetizers.  It pairs perfectly with seafood , fish and white meats.

    6) Ca'Salina Sparkling Pink Moscato - Dolce

    An incredibly delicious pink sparkling Moscato from Ca'Salina of Valdobbiadene, Northern Italy.   The wine has a beautiful rose petal colour with aromas of strawberry jam and citrus fruits.  Soft on the palate, a great acidity/sweetness balance despite the higher sugar level.  

    Specially selected by Just Perfect Wines as it is a surprisingly wonderful wine, especially appealing to those with a sweeter tooth.  We recognise that not everyone likes dry wine.  This wine isn't a sickly sweet style, it still has a very good acidity/sweetness balance.  A sign of a well made quality wine.  

    • Sweetness: Dolce (very sweet)
    • Residual Sugar: 60-70 grams/litre
    • ABV: 7% 
    • Grape: Incrocio Manzoni Moscato (a cross of Moscato d’Amburgo and Raboso Piave) Rosé
    • Region: Valdobbiadene
    • Glass:  Egg/diamond shaped glass or white wine glass
    • Food Pairing: Wonderful with fruit tarts, cakes, and puddings.  

    All the wines are delivered in eco friendly packaging which is made from recycled material and is biodegradable.

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