Fitz English Sparkling Wine Fizz Stopper

Fitz English Sparking Wine Fizz Stopper

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Just perfect for retaining the precious bubbles in your Fitz English Sparkling Wine.  This chrome Fitz stopper works to keep a  tight seal once your bottle has been opened in order to preserve your bubbles for longer.  It is possible to keep the fizz for about 1 week (if you can keep your Fitz for that long!), depending on how fizzy your wine is when you seal it, how much is left in the bottle and how often the closure is removed.  

Once tightly sealed you will be able to lie your bottle horizontal without any leaks.  The closure should fit most other wine bottles, though check for leaks before laying horizontal if required.

The closures do work really well, so be very careful when removing it as the pressure builds up and comes off with some force and a bang - just like removing the cork for the first time.  Point the bottle away from any people or obstructions when removing the stopper in a controlled manner. 

To wash simply handwash or rinse under a running tap.  Do not wash in the dishwasher.

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