Low Sugar Prosecco and Sparkling Wine Discovery Box

Low Sugar Prosecco and Sparkling Wine Discovery Box

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A superb collection of 6 x low sugar, premium Prosecco and Italian sparkling wines with a low sugar level of  0.5g-10g per litre.  

You may prefer dry sparkling wine with less sugar due to health reasons eg diabetic, dieting or simply because you prefer the taste of drier wines. Our collection features wines from 3 different artisan wineries. The best low sugar sparkling wines come from premium wineries where sugar isn't required to cover up possible imperfections in the quality, because the quality of their grapes and processes are high ensuring excellent results. Often mass produced wines need extra sugar to improve the quality. Of course, premium wineries also intentionally make sweeter wines too. The Discovery Box features:

1) 0.5g sugar per litre. Ca'Salina Brutissimo Manzoni Moscato Rosé Sparkling Wine. 11% vol. An incredible, very dry sparkling Moscato. Wonderful fruity aromas of strawberry, peach and citrus notes. Peaches and cream on palate. Amazing how smooth the wine is with very little sugar. This is due to the excellence of the winery and the wonderful, aromatic Moscato grape.

2) 3g sugar per litre. Ca'Salina Giorgia Sparkling Wine. Brut Nature. 11.5% vol. Based on Prosecco, using the same grape (Glera) but made slightly different to give a little different taste. Very dry with a style found in Prosecco, Champagne and Cava. It has aromas of apple, brioche, toast and honey. Made with no added sulphites too.

3) 7g sugar per litre. Cirotto Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut. 11% vol. A very elegant, dry Prosecco, with delightful aromas of pear and apple, with a fresh minerality taste on the palate.

4) 7g sugar per litre. Furlan Prosecco DOC Brut. A fine dry Prosecco, with fresh

5) 8g sugar per litre. Ca'Salina Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Rivete. A fine and elegant, dry Prosecco with aromas of Elderflower and apple.

6) 10g sugar per litre. Furlan Prosecco DOC Frizzante Brut. A lightly sparkling, easy drinking Prosecco with lovely aromas of apple.


It is recommended to enjoy the wines in a tulip shaped glass - not a narrow flute. A wider glass will help to accentuate the characteristics of the wine, easier to drink from, easier to swirl, easier to clean. There are many benefits. There are Prosecco glasses for sale or you can use a white wine glass.

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