7 Reasons Why You May Love Giorgia

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From the name you probably wouldn’t have a clue what it was! Maybe if you knew the producer, Ca’Salina, that may give you an idea that it would be something rather special.   You may love Giorgia if:

  1. You love a dry wine. Giorgia has just 3g per litre of residual sugar and classified as a “Brut Nature” (ie, very low sugar).  So if you enjoy a dry wine, look for lower sugar wines for health reasons or are watching your weight (as this wine will be lower in calories than many), Giorigia is just perfect.Ca'Salina Giorgia Sparkling Wine
  2. You like sparkling wine. Giorgia is fully sparkling with plenty of elegant, gentle bubbles.
  3. You love a good Prosecco. Although Giorigia isn’t technically a Prosecco it is very similar.  It is made using the same grape (Glera), uses the same main production method (Charmat) and is produced in the same region as premium Prosecco (Valdobbiadene).  These factors give Giorgia a similar light and fresh style, being just a little stronger in taste vs Prosecco.                                                                                             Ca'Salina Gioriga Sprarkling Wine
  4. You prefer to avoid a hangover or are allergic to sulphites. Although Giorgia (about 10mg/l) and all other wines have a natural level of sulphites, Gioriga has no added sulphites.  This chemical is often referred to as contributing to hangovers and headaches.   The legal limit is 210mg/l for sparkling wine and that includes organic wines.                                                                                                                         No Added Sulphites wine label
  5. You prefer no sharp aftertaste. Giorgia has been filtered of any naturally occurring bacteria, bad natural yeast, mould or fungus which may make the wine go off (hence the usual need for sulphur which is a preservative).  As a result, the wine is very clean and pure tasting, with no sharp aftertaste.  It is also made by a premium winery who knows how to make a great, fine wine of excellent quality!
  6. You don’t mind a little touch of a good Champagne or Cava style complexity. Giorgia has fruity aromas of apple and peach often found in Prosecco, but also brioche, honey and toasty notes which are more typical of Champagne and Cava.
  7. You love a great deal. Giorgia is a special limited edition wine.  Usually it was the favourite at our tasting events with comments including “spectacular” and “the best Prosecco I have ever tasted” often heard.  As it’s sadly not possible to taste the wine at such events currently before buying, we are offering great case deals on the remaining stock whilst it lasts!  Lucky you if you discover it.


Ca'Salina Giorgia No Added Sulphites Sparkling Wine

And in case you’re wondering, Giorgia is named after the owner’s (Gregorio Bortolin) granddaughter.  It was not possible to be called “Prosecco” due to slightly different aroma and taste characteristics and a “Brut Nature” classification was not allowed in the Prosecco category at the time of production.  It’s such a wonderful Italian sparkling wine which is in my top favorites in the Just Perfect Wine portfolio.  Let me know what you think if you try it.  It’s one not to be missed so don't wait too long.

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Ca'Salina Giorgia Low Sugar Sparkling Wine

Julia Phillips

Owner at Just Perfect Wines


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