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Welcome to the new Just Perfect Wines website.  I can’t believe this is the 5th website in 6 years!  I may finally be happy with this one, at least for a while I hope.  It’s quite a minefield when you are staring a business knowing what to do about a website.  So many companies offer to build it at a rather large cost and promises of how fantastic it will be.  But will it though?  

The first 2 “professional” websites were quite a disaster especially the 1st attempt.  The 3rd and 4th versions were better but never quite what I had in mind.  Apart from the technical problems encountered, it is difficult to convey exactly to a developer how you want the website to look , feel and work.  So much easier for me to do it myself as it’s all in my head.  I live and breathe my business so I just know.  This 5th version, built using Shopify by me, seems to offer a clear and responsive platform in which to develop Just Perfect Wines online. 

The site is still being perfected, with more products to add, content and images – but it’s out there, the shop is fully working and it’s much clearer and easier to use I think than previous websites.   It’s a place to explain what the ‘perfect sparkling experience’ is all about.  A place to showcase the wonderful artisan producers, both Italian and English, to explain how the wines differ, selecting the right sweetness for you, how choosing the right glass makes a big difference and so much more.   

It’s also a place where I can catch up with outstanding blogs.  So much to share and discuss, so look out for more posts going forward. 

Perhaps you can let me know what you think.  Any suggestions are greatly received!


Julia Phillips, Owner of Just Perfect Wines

27 March 2020

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